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Franchise Information


Why Sloan’s?

It’s fun to dream about making a career out of candy and ice cream.  As a top 10 ice cream parlor in America, a Sloan’s franchise you can make your dream a reality.  We’d love to speak with you!


Since opening our first store in 1999, Sloan’s has become an icon of Southern Florida for great ice cream and great fun.  Our unmistakable look, terrific service and unforgettable ice cream have become a tourist attraction and a hot spot for local residents.  While we think we have the greatest ice cream on the planet, what really differentiates Sloan’s is the brand and systems that we have created to replicate the memorable experiences for all of our customers.

Sloan’s has been the recipient of numerous awards for best luxury ice cream.

We are a family business and our franchisees can also be family businesses. Sloan Kamenstein created Sloan’s out of a love of fine foods and sweets. As an accomplished chef and entrepreneur, Sloan still leads the company and is heavily involved in innovation, product development and growth.

Sloan’s builds its customer following by providing what we believe to be the best service, best product  and best atmosphere.  Each store is impeccably designed to create an emotional response for kids and adults and keep them coming back.

Becoming a Sloan’s franchisee gives you access to our brand, systems, training and support as you own and operate your very own Sloan’s ice cream and candy store.  You get:

  • Sloan’s logos, signage, designs and operational systems
  • Buying power through our suppliers
  • Site selection and build out assistance
  • Extensive training in Florida at our headquarters and in our stores
  • On-site assistance just prior and during the opening of your location
  • An in-depth operations manual for every aspect of store ownership
  • Marketing materials and marketing assistance
  • Ongoing support site visits from Sloan’s staff
  • Unlimited access to our team via phone and email

We are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our franchisees.  The opportunity to own your own business without being alone has never been sweeter.

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Sloan’s Franchise LLC
1652 Mercer Ave.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Phone: 561-839-3000

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